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  • with guarantee, that at least the annual fee will be earned in a year. If not, the client has the right to cancel the contract.

The friendly Guide to online Bookings
and partners help travellers and travel agencies to search for accommodations online with easy to handle and clear structured webpages to find a fitting and low priced accommodation. The search and booking is secure, reliable and user-friendly. For travellers which prefer personal consultancy we operate a friendly 24x7 hotline.
offers clever hosts to present their accommodation to millions of traverllers through its portal for at least 1 year.

individual: We present your accommodation with all its facilities and services that you offer your guests. Create your special offers individually and we will present them at a good and wise position in the internet. Many travellers like to book special offers.
regional: Our accommodation-search is regionally structured, so that travellers will find easy and clearly the city, the region or the country of their choice. This kind of search is increasingly desired and used by travellers.
attractive: We structure our offers after the wishes of the travellers: After the wish for the kind of holiday and after the wish for the kind of accommodation. So the traveller choose the accommodation systematically out of an ample number of accommodations.

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